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Restore your health thanks to water

A large area featuring 4 treatment cabins, where water is the ‘primordial element’ and is used in all its forms. A modern re-visitation of ancestral health methods to favour your well-being.

Supported by recommendations from our operators, you can discover your inner self and experience moments of profound well-being.

Here you can book various itineraries and treatments


Thalaxoterm is the wooden vapour shell within which you can undergo multiple wellness treatments and rituals: aroma-therapeutic steam baths, hay infusions, salt baths, seaweed or mud treatments, purification rituals, slimming and anti-cellulite treatments.

Water, transformed into a steam cloud, envelops the whole body. Thalaxoterm is an excellent ally for obtaining wellness of the body and guarantees immediate beneficial effects, even in just one sitting, such as deep cleansing of the body, relaxation, reduction of muscular aches and tension.

The alternate application of hot steam (vasodilatation) and fresh water mist (vasoconstriction) facilitates the relaxation of the muscles and the skeleton, liberating the body from excess toxins and helping the organism exercise its vascular functions in a totally natural way.


A specific cabin featuring a single tub and a cozy relaxation area featuring a water massage, nascent oxygen and chromo-therapy for a never-ending feeling of well-being and lightness.

The pleasure of bathing, the micro jets of the water massage and the suggestive effects of chromotherapy create an in-water massage that is ideal for restoring the natural harmony of the Body, the Mind and the Spirit.

With its multiple beneficial properties, this particular water massage favours the prevention of aesthetic and physical problems, giving the skin a toned, smooth and relaxed look.


A new and unbelievable wellness dimension in a unique and suggestive environment: delve into precious wooden tubs, enwrapped by the succession of chromo-therapy colours, lulled by the relaxing contact with water which caresses your body, mixing the pleasure of bathing with the benefits of hydrotherapy.

By making the most of the healthy properties of hydrotherapeutic practices, the Kneipp Ofuro offers a wellness treatment based on the alternation between a hot water tub (38/39°C) and a fresh water one (20/24°C), to reactivate superficial and deeper circulation and to ensure many benefits such as depuration, drainage and total relaxation.


A multifunctional cabin entirely built in wood, characterized by warm arabesque shapes, for the wellness of the single guest and of couples. Inside the Suite you will find a warm and comfortable multi-sensory environment featuring music, colours and aromas. Here you can undergo many treatments which blend the heritage of different cultures: from the Turkish bath to the ‘Roman thermal baths’ treatment, to the Berber ritual of the Hammam.

Within just a few square meters, without having to leave the Suite, you can start your purification treatment, just as American Indians once did in the Tepee where the Lakota population carried out the Inipi, the important ritual leading to ‘rebirth’.


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